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Would you like to learn a language effectively and, by being goal-orientated, be supported individually and have fun doing it? Are you busy preparing for a language exam or are you needing support for your application process? Or are you interested in a course focused on pronunciation and writing?

We are more than happy to support your journey. We see ourselves as your ‘Guide’ during your learning process and, by focusing on the areas you have chosen, motivate you to reach your goals.


You can choose between private lessons, small classes and determine the What? How? and Where? all by yourself.


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Online Learning

Online Learning for German, Swiss German and Swiss Culture!

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Do you need support with the language (GERMAN or SWISS GERMAN) to take the first steps? … and later to feel more integrated.

We offer whole family packages, or teach each family member one to one giving you the language tools to feel confident in the new environment.

We convey the most important peculiarities of the dialect and regardless of whether you speak Swiss or just want to understand, you are exactly in the right place with us.

We help you with the naturalization process so that you are optimally prepared in terms of language.

WHAT do we offer? A variety of language courses for all needs:


Improve your Business English for the profession. Orally and also in writing.


Prepare yourself for your Cambridge diploma exams.


Individual preparation for the telc and Goethe language diploma exams.


If it should be something more than `` dos cervezas por favor`` and `` gracias`` 🙂


We proofread your texts in English. No matter if it's a student thesis or a promotional text.


You would like to learn German? We support you at every level (A1-C1).


Grüeziwohl! Learn to understand and speak `` Züridütsch``


You already have German language skills but above all you would like to improve your pronunciation?

HOW MUCH does 60 minutes of targeted Sprachkontakt-Training cost? Our transparent and uniform course fees:

WHAT are we going to do? Our methodology is based on the following principles:

Focused instruction

Individual support

Targeted learning methods

Effective lessons

Personal support

monolingual teaching

playful learning

communicative approach

WHO is Sprachkontakt? Our Team:


I am the founder of Sprachkontakt and your own personal language trainer. I grew up in Argentina, Portugal and Switzerland so adapting to different cultures and languages during my childhood came naturally to me. This has formed the basis for my professional teaching career enabling me to understand and teach my students in a sensitive and effective way.

Jeanine Zahnd

Owner and lecturer for German as a second language & Spanish

I was born and raised in Ireland and have been teaching English as a Foreign Language for over 12 years. Starting off my career as an English language assistant in Germany, my job has taken me to various countries and I have enjoyed the journey along the way. Since locating to Zürich, I mainly prepare students for the First Certificate and the Advanced but also specialize in Business and Legal English.


Lecturer English and German as a second language

I am originally from South Africa and a Zürich resident since 2016. Checking, editing, correcting and improving any form of English writing or documentation forms my skill set which I undertake with precision. Bring, for example, a website or thesis for a review, you will be amazed how we’ll perfect it!


Proof Reading English: Websites, Theses and more


German language, wonderful language 😊

This is how the brain learns best

Six tips for learning

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